BIO TABS® Bug Sphere Refill Cartridges, 85 Grams

(A$10.00 PER UNIT)

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For refilling BioTabs® Blue Sphere & Blue Dome 55g, and Bug Sphere 85g.

Each refill cartridge lasts 10,000 to 15,000 users/cycles without flushing.

When empty, replace the BIO TABS Refill/cartridge. For unclogging the urinal drain, simply drop in one BioTabs Refill (preferable with warm water) into urinal bowl to dissolve in 1 to 2 days.

Standard Packing: Min 24 pieces per box (240 pieces/10 boxes per carton)



Water-saving, odor control and trouble-free biological urinal solution for all low-flush, conventional and waterless urinal systems.

• 100% green, biological based.
• Reduces water usage by converting flushing urinals into low-flush or waterless fixtures instantly.
• Ecological and refillable when empty.
• Reduces maintenance costs by maintaining free flowing drains in conventional flushing and waterless urinals.
• Effective drain maintainer, breaking down all organic matter.
• Safe for all sewage system treatment, plumbing and drain line maintenance.
• Long lasting and guaranteed to last 10,000 to 15,000 users without flushing.
• All content, plastic and packaging materials are biodegradable.


Carton Size — 24 pieces x 85 gram
Units Per Carton — 24


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