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Washroom hygiene leader, Calfarme has directed its entire washroom hygiene product range towards the environmentally friendly route. The end result is its trend-setting approach which does away with polluting and hazardous chemicals. Instead, natural processes and biodegradable compounds are utilized. Calfarme’s Biocleaning range provide users with clean, fresh-smelling and convenient washroom facilities without posing a threat to the environment. Calfarme has pioneered this particular aspect of biotechnology for washroom hygiene, cleaning and odour control.

Calfarme BIO TABS ® allow you to reduce water usage by converting flushing urinals into low flush or waterless fixtures instantly without any capital costs.

Calfarme enzyme biotechonlogy is superior to traditional cleaning products available on the market. Our advanced bio-enzymatic cleaning properties replace the need for harmful chemicals, bleaches or disinfectants often found in traditional cleaning supplies.

Our products are certified to meet the stringent standards of being environmentally friendly, with low carbon emissions, improved hygiene and are non-toxic. UL Environment's ECOLOGO Certified and CACC Certified.

Enzyme Biotechnology

We have done extensive research in biocleaning specifically tailored for commercial washroom applications. Compared to traditional chemical based cleaning solutions, biocleaning solutions employ enzymes, the by-product of micro-organisms, to do the cleaning up. Enzymes partially degrade or breakdown the effluent into an easily degradable form. What remains is water soluble which can be safely returned to the environment.

Bio-active cleaners are also designed to penetrate more deeply and clean more thoroughly. Enzymes, whilst cleaning more hygienically than traditional chemicals, are also very gentle with no damage or erosion to surface materials.

Whether it is for the home, hospital, day care centre, public amenities, pub, club, cinema, school or any place where there is the organic soiling, our range of bio-active cleaners and hygiene products can be used.

It goes without saying that our bio-active products have wide application as cleaners and deodorisers in washrooms, unrinals (including remote waterless locations), WC’s, sewers, pipe works, grease traps, septic and interceptor tanks. The list of cleaning applications is endless.

Calfarme is 100% cutting edge green

Our Products

Bio Plus

A multi-purpose biological cleaner, deodoriser, and drain maintainer

Bio Tabs

Water-saving, odor control, and trouble-free biological urinal solution for all urinal systems.

Bio Clean

Safe & effective bio-cleaning products for reducing environmental impact.

Sanitary Disposal

Touch-free Automatic Sanitary Disposal Bins with Oxo-biodegradable Liners and bio-organic gel odor neutraliser.

Soap Dispensers

Dispensers for foam, gel, liquid concentrate and premixing.

Organic Odour Neutralisers

Environmentally safe odour control solutions


Alcohol-free all-in-one hands and toilet seat sanitiser.


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