CLEANBIO® All-In-One Laundry Wash

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A powerful biologically-based cleaning formula that cleans and eliminates odors and disease-causing bacteria on all clothes..

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Suitable for machine wash, hand wash and dry clean application.

MACHINE WASH: Use 1 measurement capful for small load of washing and 2 measurement capful for larger load of washing

HAND WASH: Pour 1 measurement capful for every 10 litres with preferably warm water.

DRY CLEAN/ODORS: Dilute 1 measurement cap up to 1,000ml with water in a sprayer bottle.

Non-Toxic to humans or animals and all contents are biodegradable.

Contains plant-based surfactant with biological active ingredients and fragrance.

CAUTION: Do not mix with bleach products, sanitizers and fabric softener.

Standard Packing: 12 X 1,000 ml per carton



CLEANBIO® and BIOCLEAN™ formulations are also produced by Calfarme for cleaning and maintenance applications. Calfarme has pioneered this particular-aspect of biotechnology for washroom hygiene, cleaning and odour control.

Benefits compared to conventional cleaning solutions, our range of CLEANBIO® and BIOCLEAN™
• Safe to use and store. Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic. All Natural.
• Easy to use. Packaged in plastic containers, spray bottles, sachets and tablets.
• Cost effective & Economical.
• Energy & Water savings.
• Naturally derived Non-Pathogenic, Enzymes-Producing Bacillus strains.
• Reduce pollution caused by waste materials.
• Surfaces are deep cleaned and hygienically, fresh smelling.
• Does not damage or erode any surface when cleaning.
• Reduce odours, No-Rinse & Non-Slip Cleaner.
• Clears and maintains drainage pipes.
• Dramatically reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and breakdown wastes into Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & Water (H2O).


Carton Size — 20 x 50ml
Units Per Carton — 20


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