Alcohol-free all-in-one hands and toilet seat sanitiser.

  • No-Touch! Automatic or manual foam dispensers with refillable and disposable cartridge.
  • Creates instant foaming for quicker and easier hygiene wash with little or no water.
  • Controls usage with longer intervals between refills, ensures cost saving.
  • Saves soap by up to 95%, places no strain on effluent systems.
  • Cleans and sanitizes hands and toilet seats.
  • Alcohol-free, non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • Provides up to 24 hours of anti-bacterial protection without rinse.
  • Eco-friendly packaging refills in 50 ml sachet, reduces environmental impact for disposal or storage and delivery.

FoamCare™ Concentrate is FDA compliant and tested by TUV, PSB Singapore.

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